Version 2 (groups & weights) - Dataset Catalog

Released At: 25 Jan 2016Last Updated At: 26 Jan 2016

Get a list of all datasets.


To call this method, use an HTTP GET request to the following URL:[locale]/api/v2/dataset_catalog


  • [locale] = the locale of the language you want the data to be returned in (currently ka for Georgian or en for English)

Required Parameters

The following parameters must be included in the request:

access_token All requests must include an access_token. You can obtain an access token easily, and for free, by going here.


Optional Parameters

There are no optional parameters for this call.

What You Get

The return object is a JSON array of all datasets in the site with the following information:

id Unique ID of the dataset that you will need to get further information or run an analysis
url URL to the dataset
title The title of the dataset
source The name of the source that gathered the data
start_gathered_at Date the data gathering process started, format: yyyy-mm-dd (e.g., 2015-01-31)
end_gathered_at Date the data gathering process finished, format: yyyy-mm-dd (e.g., 2015-01-31)
released_at Date the data was released to the public by the source, format: yyyy-mm-dd (e.g., 2015-01-31)
public_at Date the data was made public on this site, format: yyyy-mm-dd (e.g., 2015-01-31)
total_responses Number of responses in the datasets
analyzable_questions Number of questions the dataset has that can be analyzed
is_weighted Flag indicating if the dataset is weighted


Here is an example of what can be returned after calling this method with the following url:
  datasets: [
      id: "1111111111",
      url: "",
      title: "This is a dataset!",
      source: "People",
      start_gathered_at: "2014-04-01",
      end_gathered_at: "2014-06-30",
      released_at: "2015-01-01",
      public_at: "2015-03-01",
      total_responses: 453,
      analyzable_questions: 345,
      is_weighted: false
      id: "2222222222",
      url: "",
      title: "Wow, another dataset!",
      source: "Studies R Us",
      start_gathered_at: null,
      end_gathered_at: null,
      released_at: null,
      public_at: "2015-04-15",
      total_responses: 1122,
      analyzable_questions: 123,
      is_weighted: true